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Put The Kid On The Sleepy Horse

by mock orange

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released May 20, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: I'm Leaving
see I more than often stand in the back of my head. I don't need the rest right now. see the shock and the surprise when a man looks inside, and sees its always been just the way its supposed to. maybe its time that we let down all the leaches hanging, bleeding out my sympathy its leaving, its gone. you see, I'm more than often scared of the lack I've prepared. but i don't need a test. and maybe I've broken all my ground, now I'm speechless singing, breathing out my sympathy. I'm leaving. I'm gone
Track Name: High Octane Punk Mode
gracing a hand with the patience for watching a slow moving song. wasn't built for the boy in high octane punk mode. the safety pin floats way out, but never really goes away. and keeps taste from expanding, dries up dreamland and some common sense. lets take a ride just by waking up and dying every night. well I'll pretend I'm always triumphant and fool myself again. twenty years float away. how can anybody want to stay and keep our minds expanding? I'm going crazy, and it bringing me down. its time or me to disappear but oh my god, so many gods, so many fears. and all they do is take the shiny things away, shoot down tiny victories, and cover up the things I say. make my mind swim fast at night make the midnight sway with me. oh lord
Track Name: Nine Times
1. . there was a time when all my lines were pouring out. now they've gone missing, and my mind is faded out.
time is passing. I've seen the landscapes nine times, and what you ask of me cannot be spoken to you. its way out on your own, in a terrifying place to have a freakout. red eyed and I'm shaking, looking for a place to sleep. what am i missing? what can i listen for this time? and when i find my way will it stay? or just waste away? take down all of this, throw it all away and smile at people. red eyed, and I'm thinking we don't have to live the dead-mind lifeline. its way-out on your own in a terrifying place to have a freakout. red eyed, and I'm shaking. looking for a place to sleep.
Track Name: Window
tiny tales, dead end verses on my back scream death and curse. I want to say what I wanna say. I cannot realize that the window for the word is low. you ask why you'll run this over, when it puts us back into a cold and lonely state. " its my only state " thats what I used to say when I used to play the lonely game. I can watch and sway this burning house into a full bloom marigold, and honestly, I’d watch it every day. and now I see the way that the window of the world is cold. reaching for the undercover makers mind instead of mine. back into the early times, its where I live, where I'll die. mark the space right in front of me, as long as I can see that the window of the world is rain and mist. and all the players sing their lines. we will never miss the condescending chance to play it low.
Track Name: Be Gone
take a breath out on the sidewalk. take it in all again, into the ocean and swim. be gone. but you can't live deep in the water, boy. don't you know? no one told you? " oh my god, now I'm dying." it isn't easy to see something you'll never know. and for all of my life it goes right out the window. theres a place i cannot show you. you cannot go. they won't know you. you're devolved. and you can't live deep in the water, they won't hold you. now you're dying.
Track Name: Some Say
4. if I could turn myself away, do you think I could find my old ways? something about a decades change dissolves the peaks and raises shame.
facing another old love. a different time, a different track, something I've found won't come back. if I could reach through memories' haze, and see the way we acted. see how the years just live themselves. they even live in spite of me. and fear always reigns, on and on. hears all, and follows me back. if I could erase all I have known, a zero sum of senses, some say I'll die into a child. some say my mind will disappear.
Track Name: Chrome Alligator
chrome alligator semi-sweet hater, balanced by lightning come down on me. you can open my eyes but I don't want to see. talking about something i don't want to hear. messing with my mind, bringing the fear, pry and open my ears but I don't want to hear. chrome decimator, decapitator, taking my living and making it free. while you're living your life on the back of me. working for nothing. stirring all night long. sweating out my lines, year after year. I've spent most of my life getting here. sing the song again tonight. sleep now words will come in the morning. realize. synthesize a world of heartfelt white lies.
Track Name: Too Good Your Dreams Don't Come True
go to sleep. now I dream theres a boy. and I see there is a light calling me. its breathing in. breathing me. ring the pots and pans with the band. over there is a man, he's bleeding out. crying out " what have i done?" "what happened?" too good your dreams don't come true. sitting around in this spaceship I can't drive. I know this can't be right. how can it be alright? what kind of lie demand is in my hand? tell me about it all in your new song? talk about everything and how its going to be alright, while you're insane. and its no truth, just a lane. take a breath. change the game. make it sideways.
Track Name: Intake
how do I catch a glass tone soft and sweet? screaming drones that please. why can't I say what I mean? why can't I say what I mean when I'm wrong? after all, I'm only right so many times. in the song, in the show, with the wind the story ends. how can I live my life again? and the sound of a train, in the rail yard of my brain, making up things that sound insane again. remake deep under water intake, so we can live a new life. like the old one wasn't a life at all. how can I catch a glass tone even with the windows closed? even with the light dying out, and rain pouring down my brain? how can we do without it? the graveyard of the lame, calling out my name again.
Track Name: Tell Me Your Story
take a breath and remember. tell me your story, man. tell me how long you plan on drowning, holding your sight behind you. shaking. wade out into the water, but you never learned to swim. there was always someone to hold you up then. but you never knew until you went missing. so i hear you disappeared today. they all know, no one thought you'd stay. the sun is gone and we're both on our way. we're both on our way out, and I fear I've stayed too long.